This link provides background on the Landlab Inc Hendrick Farm project and shows the state of the development as of June 2022
Hendrick Farm PowerPoint PDF

This is a 2011 engineering report by AECON on infrastructure challenges of developing central Chelsea, Quebec
Report by AECON - Central Area of the Municiplaity of Chelsea (Special Planning Program and Concordance By-laws)

This is a report by DPZ Partners LLC dated December 6, 2018 that was prepared for Landlab Inc. It details the Hendrick Farm Architectural Code
Hendrick Farm Architectural Code

This is an article published in Le Droit about possible election interference by Sean McAdam.
Possible infraction électorale à Chelsea
English Version Of Le Droit article

August 10, 2022 - Update on Hendrick Farm Class Action Lawsuit

During another sales pitch about the merits of Landlab's proposal to build an urban development in a rural setting, Sean McAdam was asked about his Hendrick Farm Lawsuit (see below for details). Apparently Landlab's numbered company had asked the Quebec Court to dismiss the class action lawsuit by Hendrick Farm residents regarding the removal of the Organic Farm. It turns out that the court had issued its decision that day denying the Landlab request and awarding costs to the applicants. Here is an English Version of the Court Ruling.

Here are Sean McAdam's comments regarding the lawsuit

March 25, 2022 - Frank Magazine Article Re Sean McAdam and Landlab Inc Chelsea Project

An editorial was published in Frank Magazine on May 1, 2021. Frank Magazine ( is a satirical magazine that is published in Ottawa, Ontario with support from the Canadian Periodical Fund. The article is challenging what is happening with respect to the evolution of Sean McAdam's Hendrick Farm project in Chelsea Quebec. Note the email from a disgruntled resident and Sean McAdam's blunt reply. It should serve as a cautionary tale when reviewing McAdam's development proposals for Lakeport Beach.
Frank Magazine Article About Sean McAdam's Hendrick Farm Project

August 1, 2021 - Another Article About Landlab Class Action Lawsuit

In late November 2020, Sean McAdam, the president of both the development company Landlab Inc. and Hendrick Farm, announced that an organic farm that was part of the Hendrick Farm development would shut down. He cited financial instability (from 2016 to 2019, the five-acre farm cost $820,000 to operate, but sales generated only $113,000) as well as difficulties mixing agricultural and residential uses.

Issues identified by residents:

  • First, there was an agreement between purchaser and seller. Now McAdam is reneging on that agreement. Residents are suing - not for money, but to stop McAdam's plans.
  • Second, McAdam is proposing mixed uses for the 5 acres, which in effect would become public space.  This is not what residents bought into a few years ago.
  • Third, who knows? Given the agreement with Nordick, and McAdam's attitude towards land use, one can't help but wonder if there aren't development ideas in his head? After all, you can squeeze a whole lot of units into 5 acres...

Part of the agreement was that homeowners would pay an amount towards the operational costs of the farm.  Were residents consulted about the cost of running the farm vs. revenues generated?  Were residents given an opportunity to pay more to keep the farm operational?  So many questions!

Here is a link to the article Old Chelsea Residents Want Farm Back 

July 21, 2021 - CBC News Article - Class Action Lawsuit Against Landlab (Hendrick Farm Development)

If ever there was a time to pay attention A/H residents, it is now.
Apparently the Organic Farm that was a core part of the Hendrick Development in Chelsea, Quebec wasn't sustainable.
This is the same company that is blowing sunshine & flowers up A/H Council's butt for a proposed development in A/H that will be anything but sunshine & flowers! It would be nothing but densely crowded housing with no jobs, and nothing else around it.
According to a CBC article, Landlab's Crown Jewel - Hendrick Organic Farms is being repurposed. This has the residents up in arms.
Residents have started a class action lawsuit claiming that:
"The development originally included a two-hectare organic farm as part of its plan that was promised "in perpetuity."
Here is a link to the CBC article CBC News Article - Class Action Lawsuit