March 3, 2020 - Dumping Is A Major Concern In Municipalities

We have been working with residents in two townships, (Alnwick/Haldimand and Cramahe) over concerns at several sites where fill was being brought in from outside of the townships.

1. A/H residents continue to pursue their concerns with A/H Council, MNR and MOE over a gravel pit on Oak Ridges Drive. Here is a link to A/H - Gravel Pit on our website for those who are interested in finding out the issues:

A/H Gravel Pit Issues

2. Cramahe residents have complained to Cramahe Township about several sites, including Purdy Rd, Hwy 2, County Rd 21 and Hunt Road . Complaints relate to possible contaminated loads, safety issues with the number of heavy trucks coming through town, wear & tear on township roads, and dumping occurring outside of the permitted hours.

Cramahe Operations Report OPER 05-20 addresses a request by the owner of 418 Hunt Road to pay a flat fee of $10,000.00 to the Township for the one year duration of the new Site Alteration Permit issued in February 2020.

The recommendation by Staff to Council is to deny the proposal, and that Council direct staff to advise the owner of the Hunt Road site to adhere to Cramahe Site Alteration By-Law 2017-18.

When the first Site Alteration Permit was issued in October 2018, Cramahe Council made a decision to waive the $1.00 per ton fee as prescribed in By-Law 2017-18 for one year.

At the meeting on Tuesday, the owner handed out one page presenting his position to Council, and to be fair to him so that everyone can understand his side, and to air his criticism of social media sites, we have included his page on our website.

There was much discussion between Council and the owner on this topic.  Information on the Site Alteration By-law and and the audio portion of the meeting is available below.

Council voted to defer the item to next Council Meeting, and directed the CAO to meet with the owner in the meantime to obtain more information.

There is one very important piece of information that was not addressed by the Township during the meeting, and that is the fact that Hwy 2 is owned by Cramahe Township, through the downtown, from Percy Street all the way to Colton Road.

Northumberland County is NOT the road authority of that stretch, Cramahe Township is. The importance of this is realized when listening to the audio and when reading the owner's comments.

A copy of the Cramahe Site Alteration By-Law 2017-18 is available below.

We have treated this issue the same as the A/H Gravel Pit, raising concerns and advocating on behalf of residents who have asked for our help to Councils. That is what our banner says across the top of this page and our website.

Relevant Documents For Hunt Road Fill Project

This is the Cramahe Staff report (OPER 05-20) that was presented at the March 3, 2020 Council meeting with respect to Dekeyser's 2020 request for a Site Alteration Permit Cramahe Operations Report 05-20

This is the letter submitted by Derek Dekeyser in support of his 2020 request for a Site Alteration permit Attachment to OPER 05-20

This document was submitted by Derek Dekeyser at the March 3, 2020 Cramahe Council meeting Dekeyser Statement at Council Meeting

This is a recording of the March 3, 2020 Cramahe Council meeting where Derek Dekeyser made his case for relief from dumping fees at the Hunt Road site.

By-law 2017-18 is a by-law to control the dumping of fill, removal of fill and alteration of grades in the Township of Cramahe  Cramahe Site Alteration Fill By-law

Edward Wong Associates Inc produced a report (September 21, 2018) detailing the Fill Management Requirements at 418 Hunt Road.  This document specifies comprehensive requirements for operations at the receiving site to ensure "the environmentally protective placement of acceptable fill materials at the Receiving Site"  

A Lower Trent Conservation Report 18-192 (September 28, 2018) for the Hunt Road Project details the requirements for erosion and sediment control as well as re-vegetation of disturbed areas at the site. 

This is a transcription of the original delegation (November 20, 2018) by Derek Dekeyser asking Council to waive dumping fees at the Hunt Road site.

Dekeyser Delegation To Waive Fees

In response to the Dekeyser delegation, the Cramahe Council waived the dumping fee of $1.00 per ton (required by By-law 2017-18) for the one year duration of the Site Alteration Permit.