July 5, 2019 - The End Of The Line For The Mill At Piper Creek (Castleton, Cramahe Township)

Candace and Mitchell Cox (the owners of the Mill in Castleton) have announced that they are putting their property up for sale and will be moving out of Northumberland County.  You can read about their decision here Letter From Candace Cox. It is a sad tale of incompetence on the part of the Township of Cramahe.  The Township sold an unopened road allowance WITHOUT considering the fact that the sale would move the property line right up to the side on an existing building (the old Purdy Mill). To compound the problem, the lawyer involved in the sale of the road allowance failed to register the sale in a timely fashion.  As a result, this information was not disclosed to the Cox's when they bought the property.  When the Cox's brought the problem to the attention of the Township, the Council at the time did nothing to try and rectify the problem.  Incredibly, the Mayor at the time (Marc Coombs) claims that the Township "did everything right".  After many years of struggle, Candace and Mitchell have finally had enough and are throwing in the towel. 

March 14, 2018 Boundary Adjustment

A Notice of Application under The Boundaries Act (R.S.O. 1990, CHAPTER B.10) has been made by O.L.S. Crystal Cranch, of Ivan B. Wallace Ontario Land Surveyor Ltd. to the Deputy Director of Titles.

The application is to correct the Mill boundary (property line) back to what it should be. The line is shown in dark black on the survey.  What this means is that the Cox's will get almost a 1/4 acre of land back on the north side of the Mill, land which was rightfully theirs in the first place.  Cramahe Township "sold" this land to the neighbour, on the understanding that this was simply a closed road allowance.  Based on this new survey information the land wasn't Cramahe's to sell.  The Notice of Application was forwarded to all parties involved by Registered Mail.  See the documents here Mill Boundary Line Adjustment

March 3, 2018 - The Mill (Castleton) Story In Pictures

Future information regarding the situation at the Mill in Castleton will be from the current owners, Cramahe Township website, court documents and newspaper articles.  This includes the Statement of Claim filed with the Courts.  The tale (as posted on our Facebook page) begins with a "Story in Pictures - What Went Wrong?"  There are many plot twists & turns. The attached document shows a number of pictures of the Mill dating from 1910 to present day.  The pictures are in chronological order and are accompanied by a brief caption.  The Mill Story In Pictures - What Went Wrong

February 6, 2018 - Council Delegation Regarding the Mill in Castleton

A Northumberland News article by reporter John Campbell outlines the presentation by Candace Cox and Ingrid Andersen at the February 6, 2018 Cramahe Council Meeting.  Note the sidebar to the article "Lawsuit..." where Mayor Coombs claims the Township did everything right. 2018-02-16 Bob Campbell Article on the Mill

An error was made when property that actually belonged to the Mill was sold by the Township to the Cox's neighbour when a road allowance was closed.

The Director of Land Titles Office has confirmed that the survey of the land sold by the Township in 2011 with By-Law 2011-12, "Part of the unnamed Street known as Mill Street" is subject to a Boundary Correction application, indicating that approximately half of the land conveyed in said By-Law (to the neighbour) is in fact part of the Mill property. The boundary will be adjusted accordingly.

The owners of the Mill (Candace and Michael Cox are hoping that Council will direct Staff to help resolve the boundary issue so that they can get back on track with renovating the Mill. More to come...

Background Video on the Mill

This is a video produced by Kris G.  In the video Candace Cox (co-owner of the Mill) details the history of the Castleton Grist Mill which was built back in 1840.  She goes on to describe the family's efforts at restoring the Mill.