We have created Tabs (sub-menus) under Brighton/Citizens Concerns for each citizen by name.  The intention is to use this as a means of tracking citizen concerns/complaints.  So far there are tabs (sub-menus) for comments by: Cheryl Langevin, Brenda Richardson and Gritt Koehl.

It is apparent that stormwater management and control of surface runoff around new developments is a major cause for concern.  The information below is taken from Councillor Steven Baker's Facebook page.

Councillor Steven R. Baker

April 9, 2018 at 9:40pm · 

Council received a report from the Planner this evening recommending that we allow the development at Tackaberry Ridge to proceed to the next stage.

You may recall that concerns have come forward from residents on Pinnacle North as well as Dunnett Dr regarding water issues which they claim are a result of fill being brought in raising the elevation approximately 3 feet adjacent to their properties. One of those residents spoke tonight on behalf of the neighborhood with another in attendance. The number one issue that I get calls about is water and this area is no different.

Mayor Walas invited the developer to speak to his proposal at Council this evening. Although I had no issue with the developer speaking to his proposal to provide clarity I did not appreciate the fact that the Mayor allowed the Developer to participate in the debate.

I commented that we seem to hear, from each developer, that they are correcting the problems of the developer before them. This developer claims the Storm Water Plan he proposes will correct the problem. He indicated the engineers are the professionals and they know what they are doing. You may recall the Taxpayer recently footed the bill (around 50k) to correct an Engineered Storm Water/Drainage Plan that did not work on Chapel St. The point I am making is mistakes are made and we need to ensure they are not repeated. The residents claim that prior to the infilling they experienced no water issues except two properties named at the end of the street. I also asked the planner if he could comment on the lack of water in the drainage pond as was asked of me by a resident. I believe the resident was questioning whether the water course had been changed by the infilling resulting in less water going to the pond.

We now have residents on two adjacent streets claiming the development is causing drainage issues and adversely affecting their homes. My questions centered around what we can do in the immediate future to correct this problem. What I found quite concerning is that the developer claimed the drainage issues these residents are experiencing were pre-existing and suggested these residents were trying to benefit illegitimately from his development. My impression of this statement is that the developer is not taking the residents’ concerns seriously.

The Municipality needs to ensure that the concerns being voiced are heard and investigated. Further that if corrective action is necessary we ensure those responsible do so in the immediate.

The majority of Council approved the development be allowed to proceed to the next stage.

Jane Brooks Fernandez These are the kind of issues that should be raised and seriously considered before things proceed, thank you Councillor Baker. We have the same challenges with water and drainage in Applewood Meadows and it’s been a nightmare over this winter trying to deal with groundwater, drainage and the issues it has created. There has been some promise of correction so hopefully there will be resolution forthcoming. Good luck!

Gritt Koehl Thank you Councillor Baker for bringing forward the questions that need to be answered. Existing residents should not be suffering as a result of new development. Stop passing the buck developers! Once again, this is not a slam against development, just against unscrupulous activity - wherever it may be...

Heather Lenz Even things like removing trees etc can cause issues. Until the cedars behind my house were removed, I never had water at my back gate after a decent spring rain. Last year it was knee deep for several days. This year , only mid shin after the big rain.

Tracy Darrington Shuttleworth We are on Dunnett Drive, and the amount of fill that has been brought in to the development behind us is crazy. I don’t know the exact plans, or what the finished grade level is going to be but it sits higher than my wooden fence along the back of my yard. Should be interesting to see what unfolds. There are piles about 20-30 feet high

Ronda Hough More like 6 feet or more. The ground used to drop from the fenceline to the old tree that was in the field.