A/H is proposing to amend Comprehensive Zoning By-Law 100-2010 to rezone an Environmentally Protected (EP) parcel of land to Rural Residential (RR) to allow construction of two single dwellings. 

This document summarizes concerns of the Haldimand Shores and Nawautin Estates residents opposing the proposed amendment.

A-H Rezoning of EP Land

The area in black on the enclosed map shows the approximately 2 acre parcel of land (triangular shape) that is designated EP. It is currently a forested area home to local wildlife.

It is important to note that the parcel of land was deeded to the Township by the developer of the subdivision, as a requirement to provide green space /parkland within the subdivision.

Page 222 of the CZB 100-2010, Section 20.1.1 states that residential uses (unless existing) are prohibited in an EP zone.

Apparently, a test well was drilled by A/H on a portion of the parcel in 2015 which indicated that there was not sufficient water available at that time. When the water levels were rechecked in 2017 the test well had more water.  This is not entirely a surprise since the rainfall amount that year were well above average.

The subject parcel of land poses many questions.

  1. Why does A/H want to change the current zoning from EP? Is it just to cash in on property tax from two new residences?
  2. Has the local Conservation Authority had input?
  3. If the rezoning is approved, how does A/H sever the land into two parcels?
  4. Given the triangular shape of the existing parcel, what will the two severed parcels look like?
  5. Given the many problems with drinking water wells in that area over the years, how can A/H be confident that two new wells will continue to be a reliable source of water?