• Advocating for Democracy, Accountable Government and Fair Treatment of Citizens & Taxpayers in Alnwick/Haldimand, Brighton and Cramahe.


  • Monitor Council Agendas, financial planning & budget process and report on financial decisions made by Councils
  • Review Infrastructure planning to ensure that present and future needs are met in a sustainable fashion and existing taxpayers needs are met
  • Report Issues and concerns facing citizens/taxpayers and provide information through Website and Facebook
  • Pursue Safety and Whistle Cessation at all rail level crossings protected by Flashing Lights, Bells and Gates (FLBG)

About Us

  • This movement began as a Community Association in Cramahe lobbying for Train Whistle Cessation.
  • Issues with local municipal governments eventually necessitated a broader activist approach.
  • At present the CCA Website and Facebook Page are owned and operated by Gritt and Ernie Koehl.
  • You can contact us at koehl.g.e@gmail.com or via private message on Facebook.
  • The website domain name and Facebook pages have been updated accordingly